Forum rpg SF - Illion the Democracy builds in blood

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Guilde France du serveur fly for democracy(FFD)

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Star Wars : The Fall of Democracy

Forum RPG Star Wars se déroulant à l'aube de la Guerre des Clones.

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Will the U.S. stop siding with criminals against democracy in Haiti?

Speaking about Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide's much anticipated return to his homeland, following 7 years of illegal and racism-inspired exile, a forum member asked "isn't there supposed to be a warrant out for him by the US regarding drugs, or


EXCERPTS FROM PETER HALLWARD'S BOOK: ''DAMMING THE FLOOD ,HAITI AND THE POLITICS OF CONTAINMENT"" The year 2000 is the pivotal moment of the LAVALAS political sequence to date.In the year that ARISTIDE was finally in a position to harness

Leta Restavek: The Suppression of Democracy in Haiti

Leta Restavek: The Suppression of Democracy in Haiti October 17, 2011 .The U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) has suppressed both electoral democracy and free speech in Haiti by organizing fraudulent elections and shutting down peaceful

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