Xanatos Rifts Campaign

Forum for the players of xanatos rifts campaign. Xanatos Rifts Campaign

xanatos, rifts, #campaign

Operation Alberich - Forum

A single mission based on a campaign with historically scripted convoys and played by several players in order to increase chances to discover and attack them !

operation, alberich, single, mission, based, #campaign, with, historically, scripted, convoys, played, several, players, order, increase, chances, discover

Degenesis campaign

Campagne de Degenesis Incarna

degenesis, #campaign, campagne, incarna

Tempête sur Khinasi

a birthright pbem campaign (in french). Tempête sur Khinasi

birthright, pbem, khinasi

Histomod Online Cold War Campaign

Forum de support aux différentes campagnes en ligne d'histomod

histomod, cold, sabre, guerre, froide, pack, wargame, zutti, skins, template, france, simulation

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Campaign of Clans (CoC)

hello gents. Campaign of Clans Total 33 battles series. napoleonics.dragons.legios.irons V topic is on lordz forum if you are interested. Dragons want to participate? *i couldnt paste links and images as 7 days

(hwgc) 1814 CAMPAIGN

HWGC Campaign :exclaim: Gentlemen, Europe is in unrest, War is almost upon us, from now till September it is mobilisation, report to your respective C in C's as to your availabliity for the 1814 Campaign posting

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