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Lincoln 1949 - 1951 custom & mild custom

1950 Lincoln Sedan There's no shortage of chopped 1950 Mercury coupes out there, but if you'd like something a little different, perhaps this 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan will light your fires. Modified with all the traditional tweaks, it's a shaved,

430 Lincoln

Connaissez vous le 430 pouce cube Lincoln ? "430 cubic inch commonly referred to as the Bulldozer of the MEL series and lasted from 1958 to 1965 In its' "suped up" version, the 430 was commonly referred to as the Super Marauder and came with thre

2015 - [Lincoln] Luxury Compact Sedan

Lincoln Luxury Compact Sedan Premiers spyshots de la compact Lincoln basée sur la Ford Focus et à vocation plus luxueuse.

Lincoln 1961 - 67 customs & mild customs

John D'Agostino is a big car guy! Okay, that's correct, but we're also talking really BIG cars here, mostly Cadillacs and Lincolns. Now, most of John's heavy metal efforts have been confined to cars of the '50s, but when he came across this low-mileage '6

Lincoln 1956 - 1957 custom & mild custom

Lincoln Première (Dreamsicle) 1956 60 000 euros, c'est ce qu'il vous aurait fallu débourser pour acquérir cette sublime Lincoln Premiere « Dreamsicle ». Pour faire simple, ce custom représente toute une histoire et ce qui s'est fait de

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