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Honor is not a number

le forum de l'alliance des OGameurs.

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Forum Chihuahua site éleveurs et Particuliers 1er mondial de race !

forum chihuahua for ever !! exclusif ! le forum number one mondial dedié exclusivement aux chihuahuas ! pour les particuliers et éleveurs !

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This serial number already exists

Hi everyone.Hope someone can help me out. I just received my bunny yesterday and after successfully connecting it (got 4 green flashing lights and then it went white with a flashing purple light underneath) I went along to register it on-line.To and correct port number

After the Nabaztag's server migration process my rabbit was not able to connect I changed the address as and it seems to work and my rabbit receives messages from the server. I also tested connection using telnet.

Serial number not accepted 8080 hack does not work

Hi,I've a nabaztag/tag. When I tried to register I got the problem with the serial already exists, so did some searching and found out about the 8080 hack. This hasn't worked either, I was looking at the dates of the posts and wondering if that only

Serial number doesn`t work?

Hello!I tried to connect my nabaztag. He was blue at the start,I connected with the wifi, went to and went to the process ( i have a router so i had to change my key). When i was done my nabaztag was talking and wiggling his

This serial number already exists (another one)

Just purchased a Nabaztag for my girlf and its telling us the serial is already in use when we try to register.So we try the 8080 method that is suggested in these forums/in the manual, and the site then says the bunny isn't connected (using the seria

The Big Test Number One

Voilà, comme promis, le gros test généraliste by myself ! Bien entendu, les réponses se font uniquement par MP !Pour l'utilisation du net :Musiques & images -> net pour vérifier une idée, pas de scan aléatoireQuestions -> pas de net

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